From day one, National Demolition Contractors has taken great pride in our ability to tackle environmental challenges both big and small at our job sites. When we first started this company, we quickly realized that we were leaving money on the table by not providing comprehensive environmental services. Why work with a subcontractor when we could acquire our own certifications for environmental abatement and cleanup? Since National’s formation in the early 90s, we’ve handled lead, asbestos, and mold removal. Today, we’re one of California’s leading environmental remediation companies, with the capacity and certifications to handle any challenge that comes our way on a job site.

You might be surprised by how many old structures in California have asbestos or lead in them ― we would even say that four out of five building demolitions we handle involve some level of asbestos and/or lead removal. In addition, when we started getting into underground storage tank (UST) removals, we needed to learn how to work with contaminated soil. When you’re removing USTs, whatever was inside those tanks has often spilled or seeped into the soil, which is where our ability to do mass soil excavation and remediation comes in.

You’ll often hear people at National talk about being a turnkey solution for our clients. For us, that means offering a wide range of environmental solutions, whether that’s removing USTs, digging up asbestos-containing transite pipe, or any of a number of other tricky tasks. With that in mind, we have every environmental certification under the sun, and we’re fully insured and bonded to clean up even the most contaminated job sites. We’re invested in the process of cleaning up California, one project at a time.

Of course, when it comes to potentially dangerous chemicals, safety is our top priority. We start by making sure every one of our people has the proper certifications, and we follow all OSHA and Cal/OSHA safety mandates, as well as protocols required by the state of California and local city or county-level government entities. Having a proper safety plan drawn up for each job is a must as well.

We don’t just have one general set of guidelines for a job that includes asbestos or lead removal we create a specifically tailored safety plan for each project. If that means all of our operators need to be wearing Tyvek suits, respirators, and other specialized personal protective equipment (PPE), then that’s exactly what we’ll do! We even have an environmental manager who is a legitimate scientist, so you know we’re as serious as possible about this division of our great company.

Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial site, demolitions in California involve some sort of environmental contaminant more often than not. When we talk about National Demolition Contractors offering comprehensive solutions for specialized demolitions, we truly mean that we’ll take care of every possible aspect of the job. We have the certifications. We have the bonding. Most importantly, we have the experienced people necessary to take care of any size asbestos, lead, mold, or oil/gas contamination.

Why deal with multiple companies when National can take care of it all?